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What's it all about?

We are all carrying emotional backpacks that we continually load up. We keep stuffing them full until one day, they won’t zip up and the stuff starts spilling out all over the place.

When this happens, we may feel:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Relationships are strained or breaking down

  • It has become difficult to voice what we need

  • We feel that we are not being heard, that we are not good enough or cant do anything right

  • We feel low, worried, depressed or that we have lost our way

  • That feeling of anxiety just wont lift, and there are more dark days than light

  • Problems seem all jumbled up, or even that they are growing bigger and unmanageable by the day. 

  • Past experiences are nagging at us, or it may be about something that is new and in the present.

Emotional baggage or emotional backpacks are used to describe all of the unresolved emotional issues; traumas and stresses from the past and the present that occupy our minds and even affect our bodies.


So, we may need some help to:

  • Unpack our emotions

  • Cope/Manage our emotional baggage

  • Sort through the contents

  • Find clarity

  • Offload some of the contents


We are all human beings and relationships are an important part of our lives.  We are born to attach and to survive, thereby having a drive to belong. 

We have relationships with everything and everyone, including ourselves.

Our past, stress, and even the way we think about ourselves, can affect our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves.

We may feel confused, lost, angry, or sad. We may begin to experience anxiety or depression and we may not understand our thoughts, feelings or behaviours. 

If any of this resonates with you, then you are in the right place…

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