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We offer a safe, confidential space for you to explore what is troubling you.  It may be a particular problem that you have ongoing or perhaps something that has happened in your past.

As person-centred counsellors we believe that you can be the person you were meant to be.  We will provide you with understanding, acceptance and compassion, and walk with you on your journey.

Face to Face sessions

Outdoor Therapy / Walk and Talk

Online sessions - telephone or videocall

**Session fees are on the FAQ page, and an enquiry form is on the HOME page.


Family Therapy

Do you need help as a family to communicate? 

Have you somehow lost the ability along the way to listen to one another?

We can help you work through things.

Adult counselling to help you with the emotional side of being a parent/carer.

Child or young person counselling

Coming soon:  Whole family therapy

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Christian Mindfullness & Meditation

We found that in our busy lives, our quality time with God was difficult to find. God wants us to spend time with him and to live with the Holy Spirit.  Christian Mindfulness, Prayer and Meditation sessions provide a peaceful space where we rest and refocus in God's presence.

“To be one with the One who is One”

John Main

Weekly group sessions


Outdoor sessions (1hr and 2hr workshops)    

1:1 sessions            Walking weekends